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Did You Know: Breast screening process is now painless and radiation free?


In India, the incidences of breast cancer have increased by manifolds. In fact, it is  estimated that one in 22 Indian women is likely to develop breast cancer during their lifetime.

Mammography (X-ray of the breast) is a conventional method of screening to diagnose breast related diseases, especially cancer. This uses X Ray radiation exposure to visualize lesions in the body. Many clinicians avoid irradiating normal patients for screening  especially young women.

Siemens has introduced innovative technologies for breast screening using ultrasound which is a non invasive technique for scanning the human body. The Automated Breast Volume Scanning (ABVS) automatically acquires volume images of the breast without any user intervention need. It automatically acquires full-field ultrasound volume images (comprehensive 3D overview) of the breast — from the skin line to the chest wall — an advantage that is not available with conventional ultrasound imaging systems. With this technology, images can be acquired in less than 10 minutes, as compared to half an hour in the conventional systems.​

The images are stored in a workstation for review anytime. Combined with elastography, this helps in reducing unnecessary breast biopsies which are painful and traumatic.

Elastography with Siemens’ ultrasound machine ACUSON S2000 helps detect cancerous lesions in a breast at an earlier stage. Since this is a non invasive procedure this can be repeated many times and also qualify as an excellent tool for post procedure follow up.