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Did You Know: How new-age technology is powering the Indian Postal services?

Indian Postal services

The Indian Postal Service is one of the most wide spread postal system in the world (that even beats China). With an evenly spread countrywide network divided into 22 postal circles and an unmatched reach extending to each and every address in the country.

As the Postal Systems world over take the automation route to significantly reduce processing time and save considerable cost, the Indian postal department has adopted initiatives to upgrade and induct technologies for modernization of its existing products/services. The postal department has entrusted Mobility Division of Siemens to commission Automated Mail Processing Systems at Delhi and Kolkata.

This system housed in Mail processing center at Delhi and Kolkata will have sorting machine with integrated reading and Video Coding machine (IVR). The IVR reads bar code or manually written addresses on the letter line by line of any 4 scripts fed into it. Based on the address, the sorting machine sorts it and collects it in a specified bin. These sorted letters are then transported and manually delivered to mentioned address.

Handwriting or language is no longer a barrier as the special IVR by Siemens can read various scripts e.g. Greek, Cyrilic, Arabic, Chinese, English, Hindi etc. For the postal centers at Delhi and Kolkata, this machine will be able to read English and Hindi and as a result will enable Department of Post to provide better and more efficient services with high level of productivity.​​