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Did You Know: Intelligent drive systems are turning city buses smarter and greener?


Long hours in traffic, low average speed and frequent Start-Stops cause city buses to consume more fuel and add to the CO2 emissions.

Hybrid buses thus prove to be an ideal solution under these conditions. These buses are highly efficient and practical, thanks to an inbuilt electric drive system developed by Siemens. 

In contrast to the other city buses, a hybrid bus is powered by 2 engines – a Conventional  Diesel-engine & an electric engine powered by an accumulator. The conventional diesel engine is used for initial motion and subsequently the electric drive system takes the lead. The energy accumulator charges up when the bus brakes and subsequently uses this stored energy to run the electric Drive system.​​

As city buses tend to brake and accelerate frequently –  for example, at bus stops and traffic lights – this system is ideal for their operation, burning up to 30% less fuel and thereby significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Drive systems designed by Siemens for Hybrid buses have shown

  • 30% reduction in fuel consumption & exhaust emission
  • Lowering of noise levels leading to more quiet & comfortable rides