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Did You Know: Liver ailments can now be detected and diagnosed faster than ever?


For the first time in India, Siemens Healthcare introduced a technology called Liver Elastography performed using Acoustic Radiation Forced Impulse (ARFI) imaging. The assessment provided by this technology combined with high resolution imaging, enables physicians to detect and diagnose liver abnormalities like tumors, cirrhosis or fibrosis more accurately. Liver Elastography provides information about liver, which was earlier obtained via biopsy — an invasive procedure, which is both time-consuming and painful for the patient. This new technology being faster than conventional methods, adds to the comfort of the patients as well.

Liver Elastography can be performed using Siemens’ ACUSON S2000™ ultrasound system, which also covers the entire continuum of care from screening, diagnosis, therapy and follow-up.​