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100000 Siemens IE Motors #MovingIndia


Made in India, #MovingIndia
In 2012, Siemens launched its range of award-winning energy efficient motors in India. And as of date, there are 100,000 of these motors running across the world. First Company in India, to have reached this milestone.
A significant achievement.

Globally, Industrial sector is the largest user of energy. And, 2/3rds of this energy is gobbled up by electric motors that move anything and everything from an assembly line to a crane to an industrial pump. Which, makes it crucial to improve the efficiency of these ubiquitous motors that will reduce operating costs and improve productivity.

This energy consumption can be reduced by replacing the short frame main/ doubling motors with IE3 motors.

Yearly savings and benefits with 100,000 Siemens IE motors, already in operation.

Siemens is the 1st manufacturer in India to introduce the complete range of IE2 and IE3 motors. By promoting, the usage of only “High Efficiency” motors as per the new Indian Standard IS12615:2011,we envision transforming the energy consumption scenario in industries.

For example, when IE3 motors are used:

  • Customers can save anywhere from 5% to 10% depending on the frame sizes.
  • In spinning mills, ring frames are the major energy consumer of around 60%. If a 15kW/4P standard motor (Efficiency 88%) is replaced by an IE3 (Efficiency 92.1%) motor, the energy saving would be Rs.27300/- per annum.

At Siemens, we are always in the process of identifying effective solutions to make your production process greener through our wide range of energy-efficient motors. For you, your organization and a greener tomorrow.