About Us



Innovation has always been the key to our success. Building on our strength of innovative strength, we have 32,300 researchers working on new solutions for energy, industry and healthcare and more than 1,000 research partnerships with universities, research institutes and industrial companies around the world.

Innovations for the Environment - Protecting the  world climate with a green portfolio

Products and solutions:

From power generation and distribution to the efficient use of energy in industry, households and transportation to cutting-edge technologies for water management and pollution control.

Innovations in the Energy sector -  Solutions to ensure tomorrow’s energy supplies

Products and solutions:

  • Grid connections for offshore wind farms
  • Gas insulated transmission lines
  • High-voltage direct-current transmission systems
  • Combined cycle power plants

Innovations in the Industry sector -  Integrated technologies for greater productivity, energy efficiency and flexibility

Products and solutions:

  • Drive systems
  • Energy Management and consulting
  • Mobility solutions – Parking and Traffic management systems, Rail automation and electrification, High-speed trains etc.
  • Building Technologies – Energy-saving performance contracting, Building modernization, components for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
  • Lighting – Energy saving lamps, Light emitting diodes, etc.

Innovations in the Healthcare sector  -  Advancing patient care with affordability

Products and solutions:

  • Refurbished systems
  • CT Scanners
  • Magnetic resonance imaging