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Mumbai Dabbawalas

Mumbai is home to 20.5 million people. As many arterial roads are often blocked due to an overload of vehicles, many rely on Mumbai’s suburban rail network to commute in this densely populated city.

For almost a decade, Siemens has been providing holistic solutions for the Mumbai rail network to improve mobility, safety and reduce the carbon footprint. It designs train coaches that make the travel experience comfortable for passengers. In view of the heavy passenger load, the trains are designed to carry 16 persons per square metre. Another strategic design is the equipment mounted below the coach, which is flood proof up to 760mm from rail level. This proves useful during monsoons. Besides, there is a forced ventilation system in each compartment, which is crucial during peak hour rush.

Siemens powers the Mumbai trains with its high-end technology solutions. It has a software in place that provides jerk-free acceleration, aided by the improved track conditions. Siemens’ regenerative braking technology installed in the trains ensures that energy generated during braking is transferred back to the grid. It also helps to save energy considerably, by almost 30%.

Siemens’ technology solutions benefit passengers and motormen alike, as they can track useful, real-time information in audio-visual format through electronic display systems. The trains are also equipped with Siemens Auxiliary Warning System (AWS) that stops the train if signals are misinterpreted, thereby reducing chances of accidents due to human error.​