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Sustainability at Siemens in India


Sustainability is a key pillar of the corporate strategy at Siemens, with the three areas – environment, economy and society – governing all the activities at the organization.

Environmental Sustainability
In India, Siemens has put in place various initiatives for creating a sustainable environment. This includes not only making employees, suppliers, business partners and customers environmentally-conscious but also encouraging all stakeholders to choose approaches that support sustainable environment.

A few initiatives in the area of Sustainability are:

  • Green building initiative under the Energy Efficiency Program
  • Corporate citizenship program that promotes social development by creating a viable economic future
  • Rain water harvesting at factories
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Environment Portfolio with energy efficient (green products)
  • Recycling and Reuse

Siemens’ expanding environmental portfolio offers relevant answers to the nation’s energy and sustainability challenges. Apart from allowing customers to enjoy the benefit of lower energy costs, higher productivity and profitable businesses, the society benefits through improved environmental care and living standards.

Economic Sustainability
As part of its strategy to conduct business in a sustainable manner, Siemens focuses on profitable business growth while ensuring that it adheres to ethical standards of doing business.

The company's focus continues to be on improving operational efficiencies through process and cost optimization measures. To meet this objective, it concentrates on the professional management of the multiple projects that it implements and the risks that are associated with these projects using the latest project management tools available globally.

Social Sustainability
Sustainability at Siemens includes corporate citizenship as well as occupational health and safety.

Siemens’s corporate citizenship initiative promotes social development by creating a viable economic future and thus strives to be an integral part of society. Siemens’ sustainability initiatives were reward with the Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry Civic Awards 2011-12 in the Sustainable Environmental Initiatives category.

Siemens has worked toward improving awareness of occupational health and safety at all its locations in India. Efforts include constantly improving and integrating its occupational health and safety methods, processes and systems on a continual basis.